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or new at patagonia.com quality gear that will last and can be passed on.

Repair, Care & Share It!

Pack some grit and memories into it, always repair and care for it and celebrate your #WornWear stories.

We Wash It, You Get Paid

Trade in at any Patagonia retail location and receive credit to put it towards another new or used garment

Keep the worn wear cycle in motion and avoid the landfills

Trade In at a Store Near YouSee How Much Your Clothes Are Worth

How does Trade-In work?

We accept Patagonia clothing that functions perfectly and is in good condition. When you bring us your quality, used Patagonia gear we’ll give you credit that can be used in Patagonia retail stores, on WornWear.com and Patagonia.com. We accept most Patagonia garments including Men’s, Women’s, and Kids' in both sportswear and technical styles. We also accept Patagonia luggage. Please call your Patagonia store for more information, or click here to find out how much your clothes are worth.

Where Does Worn Wear Clothing Come From?

Worn Wear products are Patagonia items that come from our closets and garages. Some pieces are used by people and others were collecting dust in our distribution center – they are functionally perfect, but may have a cosmetic flaw. All our products are backed by our Ironclad Guarantee. Most items are cleaned using CO2 which saves water and energy compared to conventional methods.