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Patagonia Worn Wear®

Baby Retro-X Jacket - Used

Scars tell the story.

Ironclad Guarantee

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  1. Soft quarter-inch pile fleece and nylon lining provide wind protection
  2. Tapered collar keeps fabric from chafing little chins
  3. Durable, Supplex nylon binding on the collar, pockets and front zipper adds strength
  4. Double-layer patch handwarmer pockets
  5. Retro-style logo on chest
  6. Slight drop tail for extra protection
  7. Hand-me-down ID label


Fleece: 100% polyester (78% recycled) 1/4"-pile. Lining: 2-oz 100% nylon. Trim: 100% Supplex® nylon


204 g (7.2 oz)