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My ♥ is worn.

Patagonia Worn Wear®

Infant Synchilla® Bunting - Used

Color: OCA
Scars tell the story.

Ironclad Guarantee

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  1. Long zipper with fleece wind flap for easy on/off; zipper converts bunting from bag to legs for ease of use in a backpack, car or bike seat
  2. Side elastic in hood opening for a stay-put fit
  3. Convertible hand covers insulate
  4. Generously sized for easy layering
  5. Hand-me-down ID label
  6. Hand-me-down ID label


Solids: 7.5-oz 100% polyester (85% recycled) double-faced fleece. Prints: 8 -oz 100% polyester double-faced fleece


320 g (11.3 oz)