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Kids' Pataloha® Dress - Used

$35New $75
Color: e 'imiola: Fertile BrownSpring 2023Style No. 67246
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Condition:Excellent condition
Faint fading on multiple locations.
Scars tell the story. Faint fading on multiple locations.
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product details

  1. Available in two prints and fabrics—both fabrics are 100% organic cotton—Ho'okele print (HETL) is made of dobby, which has a linen-like weave; e 'imiola print (EIBN) is made of lawn, a very lightweight plain-weave fabric
  2. Shoulder straps have hidden buttons on the back for adjustability; the back of the dress has a three-button closure
  3. Ruched elastic seams in the body create softness and flow
  4. Straight, flowing lines
  5. Hem hits at the knees