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Men's Capilene® Air Bottoms - Used

$83New $139
Color: Forge Grey - Feather Grey X-DyeFall 2023Style No. 36556
Size: XS
Condition:Excellent condition
Scars tell the story.
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product details

  1. Fine merino wool from New Zealand is blended with Capilene® recycled polyester for enhanced warmth balanced with improved wicking, durability and dry time
  2. 18.5-micron-gauge yarn; lofted-wool innovation
  3. Fabric is soft against the skin and stretches to move
  4. Seamless 3D construction eliminates chafe points through the entire garment and has almost no wasted material
  5. Elastic waistband is brushed for next-to-skin softness
  6. Double layer on the front crotch for additional support
  7. Learn more about our responsible wool sourcing program here: