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Men's Tropic Comfort Natural Hoody - Used

$54New $99
Color: Friend GreenSpring 2023Style No. 41930
Size: S
Condition:Excellent condition
Minor fading on multiple locations.
Scars tell the story. Minor fading on multiple locations.
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product details

  1. Engineered from 96% modal sun and 4% spandex jersey, this material is super-soft, breathable and durable, plus delivers 40+ UPF sun protection
  2. Classic hoody silhouette with generous hood is designed to fit over a baseball cap for additional sun protection
  3. Longer sleeve length with thumb-hole elastic at cuffs provides added sun protection on the backs of hands
  4. Convenient hanging loop at back for quick storage and drying
  5. Relaxed fit
  6. Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, which means the people who made this product earned a premium for their labor