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Men's Wavefarer® Boardshorts - 19"" - Used

$45New $69
Color: Fitz Stripe: Lago BlueSpring 2022Style No. 86623
Size: 38
Condition:Excellent condition
Minor fading on multiple locations.
Scars tell the story. Minor fading on multiple locations.
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product details

  1. 4.9-oz NetPlus® 100% postconsumer recycled nylon faille made from recycled fishing nets to help reduce ocean plastic pollution; with a PFC-free DWR finish (durable water repellent coating that does not contain perfluorinated chemicals)
  2. Contoured waistband with double-lace drawstring closure and slightly more relaxed fit for ease of movement
  3. Textured drawcord helps keep knot secured and trunks on in heavier surf
  4. Self-draining pocket on right hip has a noncorroding, recyclable plastic zipper with internal key loop and zipper pull for ease of use
  5. Forward inseam helps eliminate chafing
  6. 19" outseam