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Planing Duffel Bag 55L - Used

$104New $139
Color: Ink BlackSpring 2019
Condition:Excellent condition
Scars tell the story. Faint stains throughout.
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product details

  1. Made from a tough yet limber all-recycled polyester fabric with a TPU-film laminate that excels at wet-gear management
  2. The large main compartment holds enough gear to get you through an entire weekend
  3. The bottom compartment is designed specifically for all things wet (wetsuit, drippy towels, waders)
  4. The two large grab handles feel comfortable whether you’re carrying the Planing Duffel in your hand or as a backpack
  5. A mesh exterior stash pocket has drain holes and provides additional storage; it closes with a zipper for security


Body: 9-oz 300-denier 100% recycled polyester with a TPU-film laminate. Mesh: 6.9-oz 100% nylon