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Women's Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover - Used

$55New $99
Color: Nickel W/Epic BlueFall 2016Style No. 25455
Size: XS
Condition:Good condition
Scars tell the story. Faint adhesive residue on placket. Minor unthreading on inner left cuff. Faint discoloration on inner cuffs. Faint discoloration on hems. Faint matting on sleeves. Heavy fraying on left inner cuff.
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product details

  1. Made of warm, midweight polyester fleece (solids: 85% recycled; heathers: 80% recycled)
  2. Nylon trim on stand-up collar reinforces classic Snap-T® 4-snap placket
  3. Yoke seam detail with nylon chest-pocket flap and snap closure
  4. Spandex binding at sleeve opening and hem
  5. Hip length


Solids: 7.5-oz 100% polyester (85% recycled) fleece. Heathers: 7.9‑oz 100% polyester (80% recycled) fleece. Prints: 8.35‑oz 100% polyester fleece. Placket and pocket: 3.4-oz 100% nylon. Solid and heather fabrics are bluesign® approved