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I take it up in the mountains and I feel like it's a little bit of my dad with me- a little guardian angel on my back. I use it as a mountaineering pack, a crag pack and a pack I take to work. I love this thing.

Skye Greenler and her father's forty-year-old Chouinard Equipment pack. Fort Collins, CO.

I've had this fanny pack for 15 years. It's been with me on the farm, at concerts, everywhere. If these stains and bar grime on it could tell their stories, I'd be in jail. Just kidding!

Kacie Lynn, Chattanooga, TN.

Found hanging off the backs of those who carry on their parents and grandparent’s legacy of outdoor exploration, these Original Chouinard Equipment packs are family heirlooms to many.

Bend, Oregon.

Worn Wear